The Castaways of Leave No Trace

Debra Granik's new film, "Leave No Trace" reframes the classic castaway story as a competing desire to belong to and to leave modern society.

How James Joyce Shaped Brazil’s New Breakout Film, Araby

Affonso Uchoa's and João Dumans's new film "Araby," shows that the worker's plight crosses time and space from 20th-century Ireland to present-day Brazil.

Not Getting Away With It

Kelly Candaele, himself an identical twin, on the documentary "Three Identical Strangers."

The Rock on Top: From King Kong to Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper

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Hereditary and Horror Movie Mothers You Can’t Run Home To

Amanda Feinman reviews Ari Astor's new horror film "Hereditary," pointing out its nuanced take on motherhood not normally seen in the horror genre.

What Killmonger Can Teach America About Heroism

Eden Robins on Erik Killmonger, American villainy, and family separation.

Eat The Shorts: A Billions FanFic Review of The China Hustle

Matt Seybold discusses Jed Rothstein's documentary "The China Hustle."