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On the Road in Chinese History

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By Austin Dean Han Han—author, blogger, high-school drop out, racecar driver, provocateur, and spokesperson for a car-seat manufacturer—recently branched out into movies, directing The Continent. The film follows the story of three young men from an island off the east coast of China as they travel together to take one of their ranks to his […]

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Reading Jeter’s Joy

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Today’s post is from LARB Channel Avidly. By Pete Coviello I am not a sports fan. It’s true, I watch a little, and have some bits of gear – my Italia jersey that I wear when the World Cup comes around, my Yankee hat – and in a vague way I keep up. But having a […]

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The Odysseys of Homer

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Photo: Monica Neuwens This essay was commissioned for The L.A. Odyssey Project, a month-long, city-wide exploration of Homer’s epic poem presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Public Library. For more information, visit By James Porter The two poems attributed to Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey, are among the […]

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Stop Hunting Ishi

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Photo: Portrait of Ishi by E.H. Kemp, July 1912. Courtesy of the Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology and the Regents of the University of California. Today’s post is from LARB Channel Boom. By William Bauer Ishi must be tired. For 160 years, people have hunted him and other California Indians. In the mid-nineteenth century, settlers, miners, and […]

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The Generalissimo’s Ghost

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By Jeffrey Wasserstrom “In Taiwan, Teens Protest Statues Honoring Former Ruler Chiang Kai-shek,” Los Angeles Times headline, August 11, 2014 Like other historians of modern China, I give a fair number of class lectures that deal with Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975), aka “The Generalissimo,” who was the most powerful man on the Chinese mainland from the late 1920s […]

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Introduction to Young Adult Week, From YA Editor Cecil Castellucci

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Photo: Cecil Castellucci, our Young Adult Fiction Editor.  School’s started. In just a few hours (10:29 p.m. EDT) it will officially be fall. Right about now classrooms across the world are settling into their routine. Students have figured out where their second- period class is. Which teachers they love and hate. Who they are going […]

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Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs Art and Essay Contest Winners

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Photo: J. Soto-Gonzalez, first prize art contest winner ages 14–18 Let us congratulate Lizeth and Zulema for the impossible trek they have conquered. Lizeth speaks of the extremes of heat, self-reliance at an early age, the round the clock labor universe of farm worker (“plant — pick and pack”) and the all encompassing knowing that […]

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Right to Raft

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Photo: Nadine Cordial By Elizabeth Lauren Winkler There’s a quality to youthful American summers that sets those childhoods apart. I’ve sped far enough forward now from that time that my memories have condensed into a series of vivid, if fractured, images: my parents parked on their canvas beach chairs (Dad slack-jawed in a heat-induced nap); […]

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Robert Buscemi, of Surprise! Comedy, Nominated for Andy Kaufman Award

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In early August LARB AV ran a feature on a new Los Angeles comedy circuit called Surprise! Comedy. One of the comedians featured, Robert Buscemi, has just been nominated for an Andy Kaufman Award. Here’s the video from the award voting: And here’s the video from the original feature by LARB AV: We won’t tell […]

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame, in Taipei

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By Maura Elizabeth Cunningham At precisely 6:35pm on a Thursday night, exactly as scheduled, the ChinaTrust Brother Elephants took the field at Taipei’s Xinzhuang Stadium, their bumblebee-yellow uniforms sharp against the deep green of the grass. Alone, with nearly an entire section of the outfield stands to myself, I leaned back in my seat and […]