Rich White People Problems, or My Year of Rest and Relaxation

Rebecca Renner reviews Ottessa Moshfegh's new novel, "My Year of Rest and Relaxation."

The Caillou Conceit: Narrative Overexposure and Hyperreal Pacing in Netflix’s Love

Callie Hitchcock reviews Netflix's "Love" in light of the hyperreal storytelling style exhibited in "Caillou."

The Shape of the Dialogue as a Whole: Talking to Verity Harte

Andy Fitch interviews Verity Harte, author of recent article "Desire, Memory and the Authority of Soul: Plato Philebus 35CD."

The Walkout: Mitski and Alienation

Geoff Nelson discusses Bertolt Brecht's theory of alienation and the music videos of Mitski.

Against Fandom

Nathan Kalman-Lamb on the problems of sports fandom, and the political economy of high-performance sport.

The Horrifying Joy of Roque Larraquy’s Comemadre

Nathan Scott McNamara reviews Roque Larraquy’s "absurd and straight-faced and frighteningly self-assured" novel "Comemadre."

Writing America: How the U.S. Was Recorded into Reality

Practically every week this year, a new book emerges that diagnoses the state of the nation, identifying alarming symptoms and, …