Sacred Geometry: A Visit to the 4chan “Papercraft and Origami” Board

“Origami is the closest thing to sacred geometry…don’t pervert it with the pursuit of women.” Adam Novy on the "Papercraft and Origami" 4chan board.

A Python Goes to Pyongyang (and Well Beyond): Michael Palin in North Korea

Colin Marshall reflects on "Michael Palin in North Korea."

Birds Among Us: on Asiya Wadud’s Crosslight for Youngbird

Austin Adams reviews Asiya Wadud's debut collection, "Crosslight for Youngbird."

Visions of the Homeland: The AfD, Bavarian Identity, and the German Heimat Debate

Leading up to October 14, the AfD and CSU put forth their cases on how they’ll protect Bavarian identity and Heimat from non-German migrants and leftists.

Once the Code Gets Out: Talking to David E. Sanger

Andy Fitch discusses the nuclear arms race and the future of cyber conflict with David E. Sanger, a national-security correspondent for the New York Times.

Read Some Ethnography, Bro

Kate Reed Petty on pickup artists and the potential of ethnography in Rachel O'Neill's "Seduction."

The Ruskin Art Club of Los Angeles Turns 130

Los Angeles's Ruskin Art Club celebrates its 130th anniversary this month.